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 New HeavyWeights Bi-Metallic Composite Fishing Sinkers

Presentation of the bait is critical to the success of any fishing trip.  The ability to get the bait into the proper position as quickly as possible increases your opportunity to land more fish.  The new HeavyWeights sinkers are made with a revolutionary bi-metallic composite Tungsten material and are smaller than cheap lead sinkers of the same weight.  Being smaller and heavier than lead they sink faster and are less affected by water current which means you keep the lure in the strike zone longer.  Greater line feel and sensitivity are hallmarks of tungsten fishing weights and our revolutionary bi-metallic composite material produces a unique and irresistible fish attracting sound.  These phenomenal new sinkers even offer the added advantage of being 100% lead free and can be used in every state, country, and national park where toxic lead sinkers are prohibited.  In short, they can be used anywhere in the world and far outperform old fashioned toxic lead sinkers and inferior brass, steel, or tin lead free sinkers!


Take your fishing to the next level with new HeavyWeights Tungsten sinkers and increase your opportunity to land those trophies...


HeavyWeights sinkers are available in natural metallic finish or in a variety of colors. Match the color of the weight and lure in any combination to enhance fish catching effectiveness. We offer several sizes and styles including worm weights, egg sinkers, and bullet sinkers to fit any fishing situation. Packaging options include Bulk packs for individual sinker sales, Clam Packs, and Multi Packs packaged in a premium reusable Plano 1050 box.

 HeavyWeights - Egg Sinkers Minimize

1/8 oz Egg Sinkers - Red

1/4 oz Egg Sinkers - Red

1/2 oz Egg Sinkers - Red

1/8 oz Egg Sinkers - Purple


1/4 oz Egg Sinkers - Purple


1/2 oz Egg Sinkers - Purple

1/8 oz Egg Sinkers - Black


1/4 oz Egg Sinkers - Black


1/2 oz Egg Sinkers - Black

1/8 oz Egg Sinkers -



1/4 oz Egg Sinkers -



1/2 oz Egg Sinkers -


1/8 oz Egg Sinkers - Natural

(Lead Color)


1/4 oz Egg Sinkers - Natural

(Lead Color)


1/2 oz Egg Sinkers - Natural

(Lead Color)

1/8 oz Egg Sinkers - Blue


1/4 oz Egg Sinkers - Blue


1/2 oz Egg Sinkers - Blue

1/8 oz Egg Sinkers - White


1/4 oz Egg Sinkers - White


1/2 oz Egg Sinkers - White

 HeavyWeights - Bullet Sinkers (Flat Base) Minimize


1/8 oz Bullet - Red


1/4 oz Bullet - Red


1/2 oz Bullet - Red


1/8 oz Bullet - Purple


1/4 oz Bullet - Purple


1/2 oz Bullet - Purple


1/8 oz Bullet - Black


1/4 oz Bullet - Black


1/2 oz Bullet - Black


1/8 oz Bullet - Chartreuse


1/4 oz Bullet - Chartreuse


1/2 oz Bullet - Chartreuse


1/8 oz Bullet - Natural

(Lead Color)


1/4 oz Bullet - Natural

(Lead Color)


1/2 oz Bullet - Natural

(Lead Color)


1/8 oz Bullet - Blue


1/4 oz Bullet - Blue


1/2 oz Bullet - Blue


1/8 oz Bullet - White


1/4 oz Bullet - White


1/2 oz Bullet - White


 HeavyWeights - Worm Sinkers (Hollow Base) Minimize

1/4 oz  Worm Sinker - Red

1/2 oz  Worm Sinker - Red

1/4 oz  Worm Sinker - Purple

1/2 oz  Worm Sinker - Purple

1/4 oz  Worm Sinker - Black

1/2 oz  Worm Sinker - Black

1/4 oz  Worm Sinker -


1/2 oz  Worm Sinker -


1/4 oz  Worm Sinker -

Natural (Lead Color)

1/2 oz  Worm Sinker -

Natural (Lead Color)

1/4 oz  Worm Sinker - Blue

1/2 oz  Worm Sinker - Black

1/4 oz  Worm Sinker - White

1/2 oz  Worm Sinker - White

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