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 Precision Lead-Free Composite Bullets and Fishing Weights Minimize

WolfTech Mfg was established in 2004 as a manufacturer of lead free bullets and fishing weights.  Our products utilize our revolutionary bi-metallic composite material as a superior replacement for lead.  Not only are our products lead free, they go far beyond the capabilities of ordinary lead based products...

 WolfTech Mfg. Products Minimize

These phenomenal new high performance Tungsten sinkers are 100% lead free and can be used in every state, country, and national park where toxic lead sinkers are prohibited.


New High Performance Bi-Metallic Composite Bullets


Our High Performance bullets are much less prone to ricochet making them safer to use in suburban areas.  They are lead free, environmentally safe, and can be used everywhere that toxic lead bullets are banned.  No matter how you measure them, our high performance bullets outperform lead...


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